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African Clothing is the home of African Fashion  offers the sale of all assorted  african clothes, which includes  african clothing for men, womens african designers, ethnic clothes, cheap mens clothes, african inspired fashion, women clothes, online mens clothing, brocade, African print , Dashiki designs african style dressesas well as children casual african collections  

We sell the latest designs and brands which are popular with african clothing uk. We are happy to offer more advice in-store.

African Clothing  is a subsidiary of the Enabled Entrepreneurs Organization. 
OUR MISSION is to conserve the African fashion culture in a contemporary manner.So that the young will see history and the old will experience civilization. 

Our vision is to make African clothing, afro-centric wears and traditional African clothes more common and affordable to everyone both home and 


Our Belief:

That traditional African clothing  are reflections of  

your personality
your identity
your taste and status
your heritage
and your distinctiveness and style 
That is why we make distinctive African clothing
to bring out the celebrity in you!!!!! .

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